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Group + Party


Policies + Payment

  • All Private Caves & Parties are PRE-PAID services - The service must be paid in full at time of booking in order to reserve and hold the space.

  • Private Cave purchases are valid 9 months after purchase date.

  • Private Cave vouchers purchased on a promotion or a sale are valid 6 months after the purchase date.

Cancellation Policy: 

  • Private Caves are able to be cancelled within 30 days prior to the scheduled reservation and the Private Cave will be kept on the account for a later reschedule date. Private Event bookings are NON refundable. No exceptions.

  • Private Caves may be rescheduled (moving your date or time) with 72 hours notice and no more than 1 single occurrence.

  • Private Caves that are considered a "last minute cancellation" will receive no account credit. Special circumstances may be considered at management discretion but it is not guaranteed.

  • Closures due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather, electric outages, etc. will be credited back to the account.


*Purchasing a Private Cave (group rate/large party discount) and reselling tickets for profit is not permitted and will be deemed as illegal subleasing. 


Prior To Arrival

  • No food or drink allowed in our treatment rooms. (The actual Salt Cave) 

  • No Food or Drink in the lounge (unless you have booked the private lounge - See option below) 

  • We ask all Private Parties to bring filled out & signed waivers with them upon arrival. These will be emailed to all guests attending prior to your Private Cave. Please come prepared to ensure you get the most out of your party time! 

  • All guests of Private Parties must arrive 15 minutes prior to the reserved Cave time. Sessions start promptly on time.

  • Please have all guests bring a pair of clean white socks to enter and exit the cave. 

  • Those who appear intoxicated may be denied access - (please party hard after you leave us) 

  • The Salt Cave is a relaxing experience, please relax and chill.

  • No Throwing of salt or touching the decor or walls - we reserve the right to stop any session in which we feel our facility is being damaged. 

  • If a member of your group or party is late - we cannot delay the session start time - all salt sessions start promptly - which is why the 15 minute prior arrival is PERTINENT. This will allow time for restroom use and changing into socks, etc. 

Sip + Salt Upgrade

Add on a 45 minute pre-party for you & your guests to enjoy, socialize and snack! This option allows you to enjoy our private Salty Lounge area and the option of bringing in your own food, snacks and beverages. 


  • BEVERAGES - We kindly ask you bring light colored or clear beverages ONLY (no red wine please or dark colored beverages). Think wine coolers, beer, margaritas, mimosas and white wine. 


  • FOOD - Think light bites and "pick foods" and sweets - this is a 45 minute pre-salt session gathering, not a sit down dinner. 


  • DECORATIONS - Balloons, banners, party hats are permitted! Glitter, confetti and taping things to the walls are NOT permitted! Inquire if you have any questions.


  • Food and drinks are NOT permitted in the Lounge unless you have chosen this upgrade option.

  • This option MUST be scheduled in advance - we cannot take same day upgrades. Please schedule accordingly. Pre-payment to reserve the lounge is required. 

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